This School is about exploring what a design education could be.
And who it should be for.
Not what it currently is, or who it is currently for.

After sharing this idea with the world, different people have been helping me* curate and create the first draft of the Core Curriculum. Inspired by the themes and questions below**.

> Collectivism
to work together.
to be in common.
to serve others.
to lead others.
to hold power.
to feel powerless.
to drop power like a hot potato.
> Activism
to notice.
to take up space.
to be heard.
to be unheard.
to be unequal.
to know injustice.
to act now.
> Ambiguity
to not know the answer.
to not know the question.
to be baffled.
to stop in your tracks.
to make new tracks.
to go backwards.
> Self-critique
to be wrong.
to be critical.
to try harder.
to try less.
to be brave.
to stop.
> Authenticity
to tell a true story.
to ask for the truth.
to call out for the truth.
to wait up for the truth.
to know what truth is.
> Mischief
to be human.
to trust and be trusted.
to mess up.
to reveal.
to be an unprofessional.
> Growth
to start from nothing.
to start from something.
to replace or repair.
to try.
to create.
to bury.
> Hospitality
to hold space.
to open up.
to invite.
to care.
to give.
to wait.

*This is who me is

** These starting points have all be drawn out of conversations with people who are involved in system-changing work in the educational and cultural sector. People who might not call themselves designers.

You can read more about this research here.
You can also read more about my research exploring design education and social innovation practices in Latin America.