Lesson #10 :: Head-wraps and conversations

Sept 20 2019
Nkechi Noel and Sylvia Emodi

“We are really good friends, and we love head-wrapping. And we love colour. We’ve been talking about what it is, why we do it, and how. And we wanted to have a dialogue with other people about head-wrapping as cultural tradition, as family heritage, and as creative self expression.”

This open conversation and workshop explored the tradition, symbolism, and creation of Nigerian head wraps. The aim of the session was to explore the significance of colour, fabric and style. And invite people to try out the technique as an act of creative self-expression.

> Two makers creating head-wraps for each other while in conversation about their experiences as creative British Nigeria woman.
> People coming into the conversation and trying out the technique themselves.

> History of fabrics, materials, and origin of traditions.
> How the past influences our identify in the present and future
> The relationship between people, cultures and rituals in the contemporary world.