Lesson #11 :: Generative Think Tanks

Sept 20 2019
Ollie George

“I am interested in design education and the language we use to speak about schools. I took issue with words like class, school, university… these words hold a lot of meaning and history and I am interested in finding playful, humorous and more insightful ways of describing our experience of learning’

This session gave people three randomly generated words that described a new type of learning space, for example: A radical myth station; A poetic imagination club; An open manifesto train. People then designed how these places would work. The aim of the session was to explore how language affects our understanding of places and methods of learning.

> Using the Nouns of Assembly website, take three randomly generated words
> Explore how this place might work, what it might do, who for and why.
> Visualise your place

> Role of language in behaviour and learning
> Role of randomisation in opening up lateral thinking
> Generative design learning and collective knowledge creation

Nouns of Assembly