Lesson #13 :: Making with many

Sept 21 2019
Annie Yonkers

“Design is empathy. Design is thinking. Design is process. Design is a part of the human condition. Contemporary education does nothing to cultivate empathy, thinking, or process. We are taught information, not how to learn. I want to spark conversation about the relationship between design, learning, and the development of compassion and self-awareness.

This creative workshop invited people to collectively make a patch that would be stitched together into a large sail. The aim of this session was to encourage collaboration, conversation and creativity between friends and strangers.

> Take a fabric patch
> Choose your creative team (friends, family or strangers)
> Create a design that responds to the theme of ‘inequality’
> Add your patch to the sail

> Empathy and self-awareness
> Designing with others
> Making with others