Lesson #3 :: Listening ears

Sept 16 2019
Akvile Terminaite, Debbie Poon, and Michael Tsang
RCA, Information Experience Design

“We feel that active listening is critical, not only in the design process, but in all our lives. The internet has driven us into these pockets and echo chambers of opinion. We want to expand people’s methods of listening and understanding others.”

This workshop invited people to create a new pair of listening ears from a paper template. The aim of this session was to engage people in a conversation about the need for more and deeper listening between us all.

> Take a paper template
> Create two new ears
> Share your experiences and thoughts about listening and being heard
> Wear your ears with pride and encourage more and deeper listening with everyone you meet

> What listening is
> Why it matters
> How to do it better
> Breaking down silos, bias’s and echo-chambers