Lesson #6 :: Towards a plural future

Sept 17 2019
Anne Pordes Bowers.

“There is a growing need to democratise and decolonise future-gazing, to create visions informed by the full plurality of human experience and to challenge the power disparities and inequalities that are so often perpetuated. The global norths commitment to rationality dominates a narrative where technology plays a central role in how life will and should – be 15 or 50 years from now. There remains a persistent assumption that time is linear – again a particularly western world view that is at odds with others’ ideas of circular and iterative time such as found in many Asian, African and indigenous cultures.”

This session asked people to critically engage with artefacts from the V&A collection, using them as stimulus to express people’s differing ideas of decolonised futures.

> Take a V&A object and explore what it represents to you
> Take the theme represented by that object, and explore what the future of the theme means to you

> Decolonisation, plurality and multi-futures in design
> Historic object-led learning
> The ethics, challenges and critique of speculative design and future gazing