Lesson #8 :: Design in the Anthropocene

Sept 18 2019
Sam Parkin

“After reading – The Mushroom at the End of the World: On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins – I got interested in the role design is playing in the age of the Anthropocene”

This session talked us through the rise of rational thinking from the Industrial period, how this is influencing design, and what this movement has done to the planet.

> Framing the difference between duality and binary.
> Exploring the Human v’s Nature debate in different philosophies since early 1800’s
> The emerging thinking influenced by Issac Newton of rational human v’s irrational nature
> Decartes rejection of spirituality, divine theories, or religious narratives.
> Decartes rejection of the idea that the natural world has feelings or ideas or anything to offer humans
> Leading to a dramatic shift in thinking that nature is to be exploited, industry to grow at all costs, human mind is a dominant power
> Framing the rise in capitalism across the globe from this shift from resources being communal to resources being owned and controlled.

> The influence of the anthropocene on how we design and what we design
> The need for new knowledges to be created to address the power balance between the natural and human-made world