Lesson #9 :: Designing a care-filled world

Sept 19 2019
Alice Osborne

“This activity is designed to help people explore what it means to care, and understand their responsibility to care as a designer. I believe that design is one of the most powerful tools we have in shaping our world. That space for creativity and imagination and possibility is critical to help us imagine a better world. Every idea that can be thought, can be designed and can exist”

This session took people on a Walk of Care. A silent walk around the area of the museum, punctuated by a series of questions exploring our relationship the idea of care, how we experience it, where it is missing, and what would create more of it. A workshop followed using these questions as a framework for new ideas.

> Take a silent walk and periodically answer these questions:
1. Take a look around you, what does care look like, what do you notice?
2. What does it feel like to be cared for?
3. What does it feel like to care for someone else?
4. What does a care-filled world look like?
5. What responsibility do I take in creating a more care-filled world?
6. What should designers be caring for in the future?

> Use the answers to these questions as the starting point for generating ideas that would build more care into the world

> The presence and absence of care in our different worlds