Lesson #2 :: A speculative tomorrow

Sept 15 2019
Pierre Shaw and Kishan San
School of Speculation.

“We set up as a design school to democratise critical design. Critical design methodology is design that doesn’t produce affirmative things, and doesn’t serve the needs of capital... “

This session became a game based on a future scenario of London in 2023. The aim of this session was to play out a conversation between both sides of a political/social/ecological argument. Exploring how decisions are made, what values we and others live by, and how people in power influence change.

> The story unfolds: A planning proposal has just been submitted to the council for a multi-million pound building in Newham. Part residential, part retail, part business. Funded by the biggest digital platform in the world ‘Fruit ltd’.
> Choose which side of the game you want to be on. The CEO or the Mayor of Newham.
> Take turns generating responses to the situation, and building both sides of the argument using different cards. eg. make a policy change, create a public statement, write an open letter, develop a product launch.
> At the end of the game, both sides of the argument are weighed up and a conclusion is drawn

> Using role play to better understand diverse voices, ideas, beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviours.
> Using story telling of the future to better understand our choices in the present.
> Exploring the complexities of design’s influence on the way we live.

> Forensic Architecture
> Dunne & Raby