Lesson #1 :: Making and shaping the news

Sept 14 2019
Scarlett Chetwin, Grace Lister and Aoife O’Doherty
Protest Press. 

“We are a collective which tries to champion design for good. We started this at Uni, and we wanted it to be a space for people to be creative, have opinions about current topics and use creativity to better the world in some way”

This workshop invited people to create their own typographic reaction to a piece of news trending that day. The aim of this session was to introduce people to methods of creative activism, visual expression and the power of a collective voice.

> Choose a tweet at random. The tweet will have been pulled from what is trending in the past 24 hours.
> Consider your own unique verbal or written reaction to this tweet.
> Create a visual typographic placard by folder strips of paper to form letters.

> Democratisation of graphic design
> Accessible typography making
> Activism and political voice in creative education